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Seller Fatigue

We’ve all been there. As soon as someone finds out that you can crochet, they immediately ask if you could make something for them. Or subtly hint that they’d like you to make them a blanket out of that jumbo yarn that costs $35 for one ball with 50 yards, have it ready by last Thursday, and get it for free. Ok, a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture. When you have an online store like Etsy you open yourself up to wanting the business, but can still become run down from orders. And I’m not even talking about the kind of orders you get when something you’ve made becomes so fetch that everyone and their mother suddenly flock to Etsy and you need octopus arms to get everything done by the promised deadline. We all remember the messy bun beanie craze of 2017!

I’m talking about the feeling that sinks in when you get a notification that you sold another hat that you’ve already made 50 times. Or when you cringe when you think about just how long it takes to sew the hair onto the lovey you just sold. We love our craft. We love sharing our craft with the world. But sometimes the same old just wears us out. Or a task just seems so daunting that you just don’t want to do it ever again. Please don’t get me wrong…I am so thankful for each and every sale that I make on Etsy. But sometimes I get tired of making the same hat over and over, and even feel a little dread in my stomach when I get that sale notification.

I promptly removed this Link Lovey after its first sale. That hair was so frustrating!

Instead of accepting seller fatigue and allowing it to overwhelm you, fight back!

  • Take a break – Put your shop on Vacation Mode and take a week off!
  • Change up your listings – Add new items or delete listings that create a feeling of dread
  • Take some ME time – Give yourself a designated time every day to create what brings you joy
  • Practice thankfulness – Be intentional about being thankful instead of allowing negativity cloud your mind
  • Close up shop – If your Etsy shop is causing you more trouble than you feel it’s worth, call it quits. Creating should bring you joy, not dread.

I’ve used all of these tips at some point or another. Last year I had to put my Etsy store on vacation mode for a couple of months because I had a flare up with my tendinitis and I had to stop crocheting. The pain was greater than my need to crochet. I used to have a listing for a Link lovey (from Legend of Zelda), that I removed after making my first listing because it was so exhausting. And I’ve closed up shop before as well. MrsBlaneCrochets is my third Etsy store! The first was for cloth diapering accessories, and second was beaded jewelry. They strained me physically, and took so much time away from my family that I decided to say enough was enough. Closing up shop is not admitting defeat, just saying that your wellbeing is more important than a sale.

Have you ever experienced seller fatigue? What steps have you taken to alleviate your sale anxiety?

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